We offer printing and marketing solutions with strategy, design & technology.

Creative Designs

The Graphic Department of Sparkle has over than 30 years of experience, working in the field of  advertising. Using the latest versions of the design programs.

Our Graphic designers are able to create a design that has a clear message and is attractive to the eyes of the viewer.

Sparkle graphic designers made designs for all fields and of all kinds (posters, catalogues , brochures, flyers, ID/business cards, invitations, books, brochures, flyers, certificates, annual reports, restaurant menus, school yearbook, calendars,....etc.)


Digital Printing

Through its advanced digital color printers powered by Xerox Sparkle provides the customer with the best quality and the most suitable prices for small quantities. Printing on all kinds of paper (Coated, uncoated or textured), and sticker (transparent and paper). Paper size is up to 33x48 cm.

100 papers per minute. High Quality Same as Offset Printing 2400 X 2400 dpi print resolution. Printing certificates, catalogues, annual reports, photo album & guest book, ID cards and name tags, invitations, etc...

Papers from 60 to 350 grams, Coated and uncoated papers, crystal papers, obaline, fabriano, invercoat, etc....

CTP Color Separation

In addition to the CTF service Sparkle has added the New CTP (Computer to Plate) technology from Fuji for more accurate and waste-free printing.

Screen tests are being measured regularly in Sparkle Color Separation Department to ensure the smoothness of the screens.


Book Printing & publishing

For schools, publishing houses, writers and training centers, we give special prices for printing small  quantities of books and hand-outs. Now you can make 50 ,100, or even 20 copies, whatever the quantity  you want with very good prices, perfect Finishing and no need for a storing place!

Post Press

We offer our customers completely finished products and samples using these finishing facilities:

Creasing, Trimming, Folding, Laminating, Die-cutting, Wire binding, perfect binding hard cover.


Offset Printing

Offset Printing for big quantities 500 and more:



Materials Printing


.T shirts .Caps .Flags .Pens .Mugs .Coasters .CD’s .Puzzle .bags .Pillows .Mouse pads .Id cards


Web Design Services

Sparkle introduced an on-line service to cope with today’s rapid and demanding business atmosphere. We build Responsive websites, doing SEO services, Providing Internet Solutions, such as Domain Registration, and Hosting services. Email backup and Email service Solutions.

Support Office

4 EL Massoudi st. parallel to El-Markrizy St. Roxy sq.
Cairo, Egypt